Every student can excel if given the opportunity and effective lifelong learning strategies needed for academic success.

Love to Read Literacy Program is empowering ages pre-k thru 6th grade. We offer customized and individualized lesson plans for our one-to-one instruction, adapting to all learning styles. Auditory for students that learn through hearing and talking, Visual for students who learn by watching and reading and Kinesthetic for students that learn by hands on and engaging. We strongly encourage small group or individualized learning sessions that will give the scholar an opportunity to learn at a pace that allows him/her to gain confidence in reading fluently.

I teach the major building blocks for successful reading:

  • Phonemic awareness
    the ability to hear and manipulate the smaller sound in words
  • Phonological awareness
    understanding that specific sounds go with specific letters
  • Print awareness
    ability to point out and read words everywhere
  • Fluency
    ability to read accurately, quickly, and expressively
  • Vocabulary
    knowing the name of things or meaning of words and connecting words to real life
  • Comprehension
    the ability to understand, remember and make sense of what has been read
“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”Frederick Douglas

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