Mission: Love to Read is committed and dedicated to helping individuals read by eradicating illiterate barriers to literate success.

Vision: Love to Read is focused on propelling children to their highest potential
from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

History: Love to Read Inc. was founded August 7, 2007, but the vision came to fruition in 2018. At that moment I began my journey towards bridging the gap to change non-readers to readers.

I value education and students no matter their ethnicity, ability, or receptivity. Every student can excel if given the opportunity and effective life-long learning strategies needed for academic success.

Online tutoring is important to me because I can meet with students like yours and provide personalized one-to-one tutoring outside the overcrowded traditional classroom. Online tutoring affords me the opportunity to reach as many children as possible and build great everlasting relationships.

I strongly encourage small group or individualized lessons that will help a struggling or beginning reader learn at a pace that allows them to become a fluent, confident reader.


I teach the major building blocks for successful reading: phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, fluency, print awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Major Building Blocks for Successful Reading

Phonemic awareness

the ability to hear and manipulate the smaller sound in words

Phonological awareness

understanding that specific sounds go with specific letters


the ability to read accurately, quickly, and expressively

Print awareness

the ability to point out and read words everywhere


the ability to hear and manipulate the smaller sound in words


the ability to hear and manipulate the smaller sound in words

Our Values

Having passion, compassion, acceptance and commit to helping, respecting and caring for the well-being of others.
Having the ability to shape, mold, form and bring great color to life in the way we perceive it.​
Be able to recognize your unique ability.
Never giving up.
Strive for the best in everything you do.
“He that loves reading has everything within his reach.”William Godwin

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