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Love to Read was designed to inspire, empower, ignite, and transform the minds of individuals. I provide tutoring services to PreK-5th grade students individually or in a small group setting. My goal is to develop successful life-long readers to become contributing members to their family and community. I am changing hearts and minds one book at a time.

Child Tutoring Program

Love to Read Inc. is an online reading tutoring program that offers customized and individualized lesson plans for one-to-one instruction, assessments, and remedial instruction. I provide tutoring services to PreK-5th grade students individually or in small group settings.
“When we read we are able to travel to many places, meet many people and understand the world.”Nelson Mandela

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Growing up reading was a bit of a challenge for me. I could sound out words but fluently reading and comprehending was very difficult. Ms. Gulley changed my life forever. The passion she has for teaching and the wonderful benefits I have gained while being under her teaching care has made me a very successful entrepreneur today. I would recommend anyone on any reading level that has a strong desire to succeed attend the Love To Read program.
– Jay
My grandson was tutored by Ms. Gulley in elementary where his foundation was built for reading, comprehending and enjoying reading books. Ms. Gulley is an exceptional teacher, creating an atmosphere of peace, structure, focus and expectations for learning.

– Ms. Shay

The teachers at my son’s school referred me to Ms. Gulley. I was at the end of my rope when I called her because I was looking for help for my son. Immediately she started working with my child. She began to build a solid foundation how to sound out words because he did not have that foundation so it made it hard for him to learn to read. Once she did that I noticed a change in him. His confidence level started to increase and he stopped acting out in school. She forces him to do better be better and act better. She has forced my son to want to learn and take accountability in his own education. She really instills that in him because she is so passionate about it. I love that about her. When we first started Jayce’s level of reading was two levels behind of the grade he was in at that point. Now he is reading better. I notice such a difference in him because of Ms. Gulley’s patience with my son. She could have given up on my son but she didn’t because she loves what she does. You can see it in her eyes and the way she teaches. I thank God I found her because she made a difference in my son’s life and mine as well.
– Ms. Reed

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